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What's new on the farm?

I have been slacking on my blog posts recently. So, I thought I would catch everyone up on what I have been neglecting to report.

We recently added some more bunnies to the farm. They are HUGE and very cute. If you haven't talked to either of us irl (in real life) recently, man have I got a story for you. I kept one bunny from our very first litter. The bunny's name is Flops. Well, Flops got a different set up from our other bunnies. He has a trampoline frame that we wrapped in welded wire so that we could move him around and he could enjoy fresh greens from the ground. His instincts really kicked in and he decided that burrowing was his new thing. Well, he burrowed all the way from his little house inside his pen to the outside and was running free for several weeks. We saw him multiple times every day and he stayed close to the other bunnies. One day, I found him near his pen and could tell he was trying to get to the food from the outside. So, I offered him some sunflower seeds in a cup. He stuck his head in there and I caught him. I thought there was no chance that was actually going to work. So, there I was, with a bunny in my hands and no clue what to do with him. We had just moved the other bunnies onto the farm so there happened to be a kennel nearby and I put him in there. Little did I know there was a piece of the wall cut out for the feeder and he escaped. Later that week, we set up a raccoon trap to try and capture him. I put some sunflower seeds in there as well and a few days later I found him there when I went to feed the animals in the morning. I put him away for real this time with a feeder in the hole he escaped from and the whole set up.

Here's where it gets excessive. Kurt sent me a text on Sunday morning asking if I had moved Flops... I had not. I went outside to figure out what he was talking about. Well, I guess the raccoons had a different idea than mine. They must have yanked the feeder off the cage and Flops is now roaming freely on the farm again. But don't worry he still stays close. I constantly see him hanging around by the other bunnies and it looks like he is trying to burrow his way back into his old pen. Please pray for my sanity when it comes to Flops. He's quite the escape artist and if the other bunnies join in, we might lose it.

I had mentioned in another blog post that the squash bugs won and I gave up on it. They are winning two times over. Apparently, taking over my squash plants wasn't enough... they are now on my cucumbers. On top of that, we have had a new infestation that I was unprepared for...blister beetles. They are all over my tomato plants. I have taken the neem oil and diatomaceous earth out and spread it like a wildfire all over the garden in hopes of being able to take control of the garden again. We haven't harvested many tomatoes from the garden yet and I am determined to make them survive. Have you ever heard of these little suckers? I do not want to have to experience their wrath (both in destroying my plants or getting their blisters).

It's been a challenging and rewarding few weeks on the farm. I am looking forward seeing all of the things we get out of the garden and making many adjustments for the next growing season. We have already been blessed with an abundance of produce from the garden and our volunteer plants but I think we still have much more coming.

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