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A Little Farm Update

We are in the process of a big change with the sheep and we are very excited about it! Two weekends ago, the ewes and lambs moved to our friend's house to do some much needed TLC on his pasture. While the sheep are there, the guys are diligently working on getting ready to move them to our leased land at a local winery near us. The rams and Larry will stay here at Ink Blot Farm. The baby rams will move back here once they are ready to be weaned from their mamas.

I don't think I have introduced our dogs yet. So, here we go! Oliver is a Cocker Spaniel and Leila is a Yorkshire Terrier.

Leila is 12 and this past weekend, we celebrated Oliver's 4th birthday. He got to take a trip to the pet store to pick out a new toy. He chose a plush sushi (which he destroyed within the first hour of getting home) and I picked out a tug-of-war rope and got him a life jacket so hopefully he can enjoy some swimming with us this summer. I wanted to get him one last year but just didn't get around to it so I'm excited to see what he thinks of it.

Our garden is finally starting to produce! Everything seems to be coming along nicely. We are getting enough kale and arugula to be able to share it with the bunnies. They are big fans of the fresh produce. Something about the way they eat just kills me. It's so cute! Once we start to get a bigger harvest, I am looking forward to seeing what concoctions I can come up with for canning. I really want to get a good stock going both for ourselves for over the winter and hopefully an excess that we can either share with our loved ones or sell.

Overall, it's been a busy time at the farm, as warm seasons are busier than the rest. We are looking forward to seeing how much our property has changed since we moved in over a year ago. It's crazy to see how much our projects have grown. Now, with all of the work the animals have done, it is amazing to see how different the landscape looks. It will be fun to see as things grow and change throughout the summer!

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