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A Day in the Life

As I'm sure you know, farm life starts bright and early. Well, maybe not bright...I rise before the sun most days. During the week, we get up at 6am to get in our chores before I head off to work and Kurt settles into the office for his work day. Weekends are a little more relaxed since we don't have an obligation to start working at a certain time.

I handle caring for the rabbits and the garden. That entails feeding the bunnies, getting them their greens for the day and making sure their water is full. Recently, I find myself staring at the newest bunny baby because I just cannot get over how cute he/she is constantly running zoomies in the pen. If it is garden season, them I water and pick all of the ripe vegetables as well.

Kurt handles the pigs, sheep and chickens. I have a fear of the chickens after being charged by the rooster on three separate occasions. So, Kurt got to take that responsibility back. He hauls feed to the pigs, check water for all of the animals and refills the chickens feed and water buckets as necessary. Multiple times a week he has to move the pigs and sheep since we use rotational grazing methods. This takes some planning since he needs to have their paddocks set up ahead of their move. He has a whole system in place. It's pretty impressive.

We set aside time to at the end of each day (when the sun goes down) to have dinner and connect. It's an important part of our work/farm/life balance and honestly probably my favorite part of each day. We talk plans for the upcoming days and dream up more and more ideas about what we want to make of our property. Then, it's off to bed fairly early so we can do it all again the next day!

Honestly, every day is different since there are always foods to be preserved, animals to be moved, projects to be completed and more. But we check the animals each day and try to give them some love and attention. We have to do a lot of prioritizing since we have big dreams which comes with lots of plans. Farm life certainly keeps us busy but we love this life we are building.

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Theresa Oswald
Theresa Oswald

Love this Ky💖

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