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Oh oh the Sourdough

I decided to finally dip my toes into making sourdough bread. It has always been my favorite kind of bread. When I lived in Colorado, the pizza shop near my apartment served sourdough crust and I couldn't stay away. It was my favorite way to celebrate the end of the week.

I started out with trying two different types of starters, one that was dehydrated and one that was live. Truthfully, I went too long in between making loaves.. so they died. So, I bought another one of the live starters and we have been going strong since. I learned a lot from taking care of the first two and doing some more research on it so this one seems to be significantly better taken care of. I'd say I probably make 1-2 loaves per week, but I am always happy to make more if someone outside of our house wants one. This has taken over pretty much all of the bread we eat in the house. The only time we purchase bread now is for buns.

I love this sourdough baking set. It's what I always use along with a glass bowl for mixing. It makes clean up so simple (which if you have ever made sourdough before you know it's sticky). It has everything you need to make a great loaf. I know a lot of people think that sourdough is such a hassle to make. The biggest thing is activating and keeping your starter alive. I keep mine in the fridge now since I am only baking about once a week. I'll take it out and feed it in the morning, mix up my dough when I get home from work, let it set for an hour before I shape the loaf, let it bulk proof overnight and then bake it in the morning.

Now that I think I have finally got the hang of making loaves of bread. I really want to try out some discard recipes (especially interested in pancakes and bagels)! So, if you have any suggestions, please send them my way. Also, if you have any questions about how I make my sourdough loaves, I'd be happy to help!

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